team españa magazine Summer 2019

The market is changing and so are we

Buying property in Nerja and its surrounding towns and villages remains an attractive option for many people wanting to experience the more laid-back lifestyle that the easterly end of the Costa del Sol has to offer, especially in comparison with the towns situated to the west of Málaga. Team España has contributed positively to this trend for a number of years and to this day, we continue to help buyers find their perfect property in the sun.

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Team España Magazine Autumn 2018


According to most sources the market has registered modest increases across Spain as a whole with some regions notably the Baleares posting a significant decrease of -18% June 2018 verses
June 2017, followed by the Canaries -13% and the Costa Brava -9%. Andalucía increased by 7% and the Costa Azahar (north of Valencia sometimes referred to as the `Orange blossom coast`) increased by a whopping

Source: National Institute of Statistics (INE).
Graph by Spanish Property Insight

Quarter 4 figures were not available from the Minesterio de Fomento for resales in Nerja to be included in our last magazine. At that time
the strongest year was 2006 with 602 units sold, 2017 finished with 627 units sold surpassing the peak of 2006.

At the time of producing this magazine quarter 1, 2018 figures are:
Q1 2018 – 145
Q1 2017 - 121
Q1 2016 - 138
Q1 2015 - 135

Source: Ministerio de Fomento

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team españa Magazine Spring 2018

According to most real estate commentators the Spanish resale and new build market will continue to grow subject to no major political or financial surprises. The combination of a resurgence in both tourism and foreign investment ( particularly on the coast ) supports a ´thumbs up´ for the property sector in general.

Demand rose 11.6% in the third quarter of 2017. Interestingly the months of August September and October 2017 saw the number of new build sales exceeding resales. According to the National Institute of Statistics new build applications across Spain were up by nearly 27% for the first 9 months. Likewise, applications to refurb and extend were up 3% and 11% respectively. Year 2017 to October the Costa del Sol registered a 14% increase versus the same period prior year. The only area posting a decrease was Almeria at - 8%.

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Team Group Magazine Spring / Summer Edition

Since Brexit the UK still represents the largest share of buyers in Spain - 2016

The number of overseas purchasers in Spain increased by 15% in 2016 over 2015. The market of some 53,500 buyers posted an increase of 15% with the UK providing 10,156 buyers.


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